Notice of Upcoming Redemption Date and Deadline for Submitting Requests to Redeem Class EX/C Equity for Conversion to Class A Common Stock

December 22, 2022 has been set as the deadline for holders of Class EX Unit/Class C Shares (the “Class EX/C Equity”) to submit their requests to convert their Class EX/C Equity into Class A Shares of Sunlight Financial Holdings Inc. (“Sunlight”) on the upcoming Redemption Date.  January 1 ,2023 has been set as the next Redemption Date, which is the date upon which such conversion will occur. 


Holders of Class EX/C Equity may e-mail to request a copy of the required form to elect a redemption (each, a “Redemption Notice”).  To redeem your Class EX/C Equity for Class A Shares, you must e-mail the completed and signed Redemption Notice to Sunlight at on or prior to December 22, 2022.  As a reminder, you are not permitted to redeem your Class EX/C Equity prior to the expiration of any lock‐up period to which you are subject.


Please email with any questions relating to the redemption.